Floor Base Solutions (FBS) is a wholesaler established to provide the unique Elastilon® system and the KTL hardwood sports flooring systems and methods of installation with the flooring trade in the State of Georgia where it is based.

FBS can, of course, deliver the product to any of the other 49 US States with no problem at all by using either UPS ground transport or the industry is welcome to send their own transporter to our Atlanta based warehouse to collect.

The FBS Directors are Gerald Biggs, an entrepreneur with Silicon Valley roots specializing on startups and an ex-corporate man and now a partner in a DIY Business named “Riaan’s Designs’, and Riaan Garforth-Venter – a South African whose popular TV show “DIY with Riaan” ran for 15 years. Riaan was also the winner of the celebrity edition of a local TV Show called “Dancing With The Stars.”

Riaan’s love for Elastilon® actually started during his TV show days when he featured Steven Suntup, the distributor of Elastilon in South Africa back then, and did four TV shows demonstrating the system over the period of 15 years.

Riaan and Gerald have been working together in business for many years now, so when Steven was appointed to represent the Holland-based Elastilon® factory in the USA, it was a foregone conclusion that the business partners would become the distributor of Elastilon®, and hence the creation of Floor Base Solutions as a wholesaler was born.

Riaan and Steven got together in Atlanta and, for old times sake, made an American installation video of the Elastilon® system, which they filmed in Atlanta, Georgia and can be viewed below.